"Wix Products took my wix website to the next level. I bought a template and few hours later they delivered it. I knew Wix from before so it was a easy fix." 

- Tina 28/05/2019 15:03:46




How does our support works?


If you experience issues on your template upon delivery, we are here to help you. Unfortunately, we can not help with general Wix related questions, template changes, WixCode modifications, third-party apps or any problems that may arise from them. We cannot support any changes you may have done to the templates. For further assistance you may hire one of our Wix Experts

Pricing and Conditions

If you need support in regards to template related issues we don't charge you anything. If you need help with any other issue you have to request a support callback. The call is free but we charge 450 DKK per hour for the work we do. When we have agreed on how much help you need and how long it takes you will reviece a payment link. In conjunction with you we agree on which day we are working on your website. You will have to pay us minimum one day in advance before any work is done. 

Are you in doubt? 

You are always welcome to write or request a callback if you're having issues. We are here to give you the best experience possible. If you're issues requires payment you won't have to pay anything before you accept the terms of hiring us. In cooperation with Wix we have a lot of guides that may help you with your problems and our staff is happy to help you finding the right guide for you. 

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